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2022 Niu UQi+ Sport E-Bike

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The UQi+ Sport's simple to ride. It feels light like a bike, is stable and handles like a scooter. The running costs are so small as to be barely measurable and the convenience and ease-of-charging makes commuting as easy as it always should have been.



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The Niu UQI+ Sport is the perfect starter bike for a rider looking for a unique easy ride around town. No special license is required with a top speed of 15MPH stock, and FOCs are available to unlock more speed. It's a throttle-powered or pedal-assisted e-bike equipped with a 750W hub drive motor.  This is the ultimate quirky ride through the streets. It's simple to ride, light like a bicycle, handles like a scooter, and brakes even better perfect for a city ride.


All NIU UQI+ Sport models include:

NIU Smart App: Anti-theft alerts, real-time scooter location tracking, battery range status, past routes, riding data, and more

Cruise control and auto-cancel turn signals

USB Charging Port

Sport, Dynamic, and E-Save driving modes

LCD Smart Digital Dashboard

2-year warranty

Battery 5-year life cycle

Smart BMS with 11 smart guards 

X1 4th Gen NIU Energy Lithium removable battery packs to charge in or out of the scooter with a standard plug

EBS Regenerative Braking: recharge your battery as you brake


360 lighting

Hydraulic front brake