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Niu Honolulu is Hawaii's flagship store for Niu electric mopeds, motor scooters, bicycles and kick scooters.

Niu is 100% electric and is the world's most popular electric scooter company. Please come on down for a test ride!

2022 Niu MQi+ Sport Moped / $2,599.00

2022 Niu MQi+ Sport Moped

Honolulu's perfect commuter! With instantly smooth acceleration you can take on any errand in Honolulu and easily remove your battery from your seat and charge it over night for just as much fun the next day.

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2022 KQi3 Pro Kick Scooter / $899.00

2022 KQi3 Pro Kick Scooter

 Designed to change the way you move about Honolulu, the NIU KQi3 Pro electric kick scooter has a top speed of 20 MPH and a range of 30 miles, making the perfect transport for medium to long journeys. The city is at your fingertips, so just get on and go!

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2022 Niu MQi GT Motor Scooter / $3,899.00

2022 Niu MQi GT Motor Scooter

Comfort, stability, and convenience. The 2022 Niu MQi GT's 30% longer seat, 14" diameter rims and keyless ignition allows you and your passenger to smoothly navigate any street in Hawaii.

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2022 Niu UQi+ Sport E-Bike / $1,799.00

2022 Niu UQi+ Sport E-Bike

The UQi+ Sport's simple to ride. It feels light like a bike, is stable and handles like a scooter. The running costs are so small as to be barely measurable and the convenience and ease-of-charging makes commuting as easy as it always should have been.

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