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Niu Kick Scooters

  • The scooter can handle a maximum weight of up to 265 lbs. To avoid accidents, we do not recommend people above 265 lbs. to ride the kick scooter. The rider should meet the age of the legal majority, be in good health, and have learned about scooter riding.

  • Although the kick scooter's design is waterproof and skid proof, we don't recommend riding it on rainy days or slippery roads for the rider's safety.

  • The NIU kick scooter battery can undergo 500 cycles of charging and discharging under normal working temperatures (0-49 °F for charging and 59-140 °F for discharging).

  • The total steering angle to the left and the right of the front wheel is 110°.

  • The kick scooter has a non-removable battery.  If you encounter any problems with the battery, please contact us for after service repair.

  • All NIU vehicles come with unlimited mileage Two-Year Warranty. Click here for warranty details. 

  • It can tolerate 3,000 folds under normal use conditions but may be damaged by a single violent use.

  • In case you need spare tires or your tires get punctured, you can buy the extra tires.

    Please give us a call and we will take  care of it! 



  • Getting the right tire pressure for your kick scooter is important. It is not only the tire that supports the weight of your kick scooter but also the air pressure inside the tire. 


    Tire pressure influences your vehicle performance like driving comfort and general handling behavior.


    The type pressure for your kick scooter is 45-50 psi or 3.10 - 3.44 bar. You can also see this information in your user manual.


    It's best to check your tire pressure every month.

  • A good battery is the most essential feature in any electric mobility vehicle or device.

    That's why NIU offers a 2-year Battery Life warranty, although it should be more like 3 years before you'll really notice a difference. 

    Let's break it down - All NIU kick scooter batteries are thoroughly tested to ensure you'll reach 500 charging cycles before a noticeable difference in your daily use. 

    If we take the KQi3 Pro as an example, we can see that with a range of 30 miles, a daily commute of ~5 miles, and you charge it every 3 days, then 500 charging cycles can last 1500 days - 4 years! 

    In the NIU app, you can easily find all the information about your battery and charging cycles, a useful and transparent feature not provided by any other manufacturers.

  • YES. It is normal that the charger gets hot when charging the battery.

    The charger dissipates heat through the heat conduction of the shell. The charger has been tested at high temperatures. Even if the charger is placed in a high-temperature oven, it can work normally.

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